About Us



My name is Natalya Balchenko and I am the owner of White Gardenia Holistic Studio.

I am Board Certified and MI State Licensed Medical Massage Therapist graduated from Blue Heron Academy, Troy, MI. I have over 15 years of clinical and spa working experience in Birmingham, Troy and Bloomfield Hills areas.

I’ve established White Gardenia Holistic Studio as a way to help others in improving their health and well-being. I’m highly skilled in combining various massage modalities to help people of all ages address a wide range of physical conditions, including injury and chronic pain. I love my job very much because I see the immediate result of it. When you come to me so stressful or in pain and come out from the room after treatment smiling, feeling better and I can see it in your eyes – this is the most important part of my job and life. That’s why I work and educate myself so hard in different fields of continued education: Medical, Holistic, Physical Therapy, Philosophy and Psychology. It is interesting, important and helpful. I’m thankful to all my clients, friends and family for supporting me for all these years. So let us make my White Gardenia Holistic Studio blooming. I hope it will become one of your favorite places to come for healing and relaxation. Escape, relax, recharge and come back to your busy life like a new person!

Feel free to take a quick virtual tour of my studio and I hope to see you soon there. Thank you for visiting my page!