4 ways massage can help with low back pain

A staggering number of Americans experience chronic low back pain at some point in their lives, and then spend billions of dollars a year trying to relieve that discomfort. 

If you’ve been able to work from home during the pandemic, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time trying to figure out how to set up an office space that doesn’t wreak havoc on your lower spine. And if you’re someone who works on your feet all day, perhaps you’ve experienced some form of low back pain throughout your career. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. 

woman holding lower back

The good news is massage therapy is proven to help alleviate low back pain. Here are four reasons why massage can help treat chronic and acute low back pain.

Massage increases blood flow. Each of the various kinds of massage therapy help improve blood flow, which speeds up muscle recovery and reduces soreness.

Massage decreases muscle tension. Oftentimes low back pain is partly from overly tight muscles in the back, hips and even upper legs. Research shows massage reduces muscle tension and enhances muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles encourage good sleep and reduce insomnia, allowing the body the time it needs to heal injured muscles.

Massage increases endorphin levels. This may be the biggest way that massage therapy alleviates low back pain. Massage therapy has been shown to generate endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals the body produces during exercise. They make you feel good and help to manage chronic pain.

Heat application during massage assists in each of the above areas. Hot towels, stones and heat packs are frequent and recommended additions to any massage, especially in order to reduce low back pain.

Low back pain can negatively influence every area of your life. But it doesn’t have to. Regular massage appointments can significantly reduce your pain. Contact me today for more information.


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