5 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage for Seniors

As we age, we all experience our bodies slowing down. Joints might begin to ache and stiffness appears where it didn’t exist before. The physical activities we used to do on a regular basis might be more difficult or the recovery time after the physical exertion is extended a lot longer than we would like. Believe it or not, one way to help our bodies combat the signs of aging is through regular therapeutic massage. It’s not just a spa day treat but can help keep your body functioning optimally at any age. Below are just five benefits of regular massage. 

seniors doing tai chi

Pain Relief

Aging brings with it a lot more muscle and joint pain than ever before. The light, gentle stroking and kneading and the application of specific pressure points can ease the pain that comes with arthritis and general inflammation. 

Quality of Sleep

For those taking certain medications or suffering from general pain conditions, regular massages can help improve the quality of sleep, thus allowing the body the down time to heal itself. 

Alleviating Depression

For many seniors, especially those living alone, human touch is not something received often enough. Regular massage provides gentle and healing touch to people who may not be receiving regular human touch. This can dramatically improve mental health and keep depression from setting in long term.


Massage decreases cortisol levels in the body (also known as the stress hormone) which allows the body to enter a deeper state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Injury Healing

One of the joys of aging is the tightening of our muscles and joints thus making it more difficult to heal from injuries. Regular massage can keep muscles, connective tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons in proper working order which mean healing from injury can occur more quickly.

Experience a relaxing and drug free option to pain relief and general wellness. Book your appointment today!

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