5 Reasons to Massage Tired Feet

We are constantly on our feet. Walking, driving, biking, hiking, you name it and we need our two feet to do it. Conversely, our feet are the least taken care of part of our body. Think about it. When’s the last time you gave your feet a good and proper pampering? I bet it has been a while. Take a look at these five reasons to give your feet more tender-loving care and you’ll find yourself treating your feet to a massage multiple times a month.

1. Foot Massages Fight Depression

Specific points on the foot can be useful in helping an individual fight against depression. A proper foot massage helps people find balance and embrace the changes that are happening in life. Foot massages are a great source of consolation to better one’s mental and emotional health.

2. Promotes Better Sleep

Foot massages can help you kiss those sleepless nights good-bye. All massage has been proven to promote better sleep, but for some reason people tend to overlook foot massage as a sleep aid. If you decide to get a soothing foot massage it can indeed help the body regulate and get ready for sleep. A way to increase the relaxing properties even further would be to add a generous amount of warm coconut oil to the feet while massaging them.

3. Foot Massages Lower Blood Pressure

If you let it high blood pressure can be a very serious issue. Fortunately, massage is one of the most effective cures to reduce high blood pressure. Foot massage will help you relax, lower your stress and get your blood pressure down. Don’t overlook foot massage, it can be one of the best ways to regulate your blood pressure and avoid high blood pressure.

4. Keep Restless Leg Syndrome In Check

Foot massages can be applied to beat restless leg syndrome, they will help relax and soothe the body so the RLS you are experiencing will be no more. RLS can be a huge pain to those experiencing it as it will seriously disturb your sleep. Consider getting foot massage to stop RLS and regain the sleep you deserve.

5. Alleviates Symptoms of PMS

PMS brings with it a slew full of uncomfortable problems. Foot massage can prove to alleviate the unwanted symptoms of PMS. If you turn to foot massage there will be no more cramping, mood swings or abdominal discomfort for you.

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