What to Expect as a Newbie to the Wonders of Massage Therapy

massage-1_lYou have heard friends rave about how wonderful they feel after. Perhaps your doctor has suggested it as part of a treatment plan. Maybe you have seen companies advertise in the paper and have been curious. Yet you haven’t been brave enough to actually schedule one for yourself.

It isn’t uncommon. The idea of receiving a massage for someone who has never experienced it can be daunting. Here we will walk through just exactly what to know and expect before your first massage appointment.

When you arrive for your first appointment your therapist will have you fill out a short form. A good therapist will then sit and discuss with you any conditions you have, past medical history, and will work with you to decide how to proceed with the session.

There are various methods for massage and different reasons for getting one. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, have a specific pain issue or injury that needs helped, or want to use massage as part of a healthier lifestyle, be sure to be clear about what you are looking for. The more information that can be given to your therapist, the better he or she can develop a baseline on who you are and what you expect from your session. A typical massage can be anything from fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, an hour or an hour and thirty minutes. The rates will incrementally increase.

The massage room will be warm and comfortable. Often a massage therapist will have soft music playing in the background, but it will be your choice as to whether you want music or silence. The therapist will leave the room while you get ready. You can stay completely clothed if that makes you more comfortable, or you can undress. If you choose to undress, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket, and at no time will you be exposed. Typically at least a little cream or oil is used depending on the mode of massage.

As the therapist begins the session don’t be afraid to speak up or ask questions. This is your time and your massage therapist wants you to feel completely satisfied with your session. If chatting makes you feel more comfortable, that is okay, or you can have a completely silent break from the world. After the session ends, he or she will leave the room and give you time to refocus and get dressed.

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from experiencing what massage therapy can offer. Talk with others who get massage regularly and ask any potential therapist about questions you have when calling about an appointment. Then take that step and learn why massage is such a great way to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Photo credit: Nick J Webb / Foter.com / CC BY

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