Five Reasons to Give the Gift of Massage This Holiday

The holidays are officially in full swing. While it’s easy to plan for some of your family and friends, there is always that one person who “has it all”. Or they may not be articulate enough about what they want.  Everything that comes to your mind is something that they already have or isn’t something special enough.

Whether or not you have that person on your holiday shopping list, have you considered the gift of massage therapy?

This blog is full of articles and facts to explain the benefits of massage therapy, but I can give you five simple reasons why you should give the fist of massage therapy to your friends and family members this holiday season.

  1. Pain relief – It could be a headache, neck pain, back pain, really any kind of body pain. It’s no fun waking up in the morning in pain. Massage therapy has been notorious for relieving pain and its symptoms from chronic pain to work-related pain.

    A research study shows that “massage for nurses during work hours can help to reduce stress and related symptoms, including headaches, shoulder tension, insomnia, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain.” This is also applicable to those who work a majority of their day on their feet.

  2. Stress Management – There have been too many studies to count to prove the relaxation benefits of massage therapy. One specific study reported a 53% decrease in stress hormone cortisol in its participants.
  3. Anxiety and depression relief – The CDC has found that depression affects 1 in 10 adults in the United States. There have been more than a dozen studies to show that massage therapy can relieve anxiety and depression.
  4. Boosted immune system – It has been proven that through improved blood and lymphatic circulation, massage therapy boosts your immune system. This is partially because the human body responds strongly to touch. Massage therapy also improves blood circulation.
  5. Better sleep – It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep issues that affect their health. Insufficient sleep can lead to a variety of poor health conditions. Massage therapy has been proven to have a better quality of sleep.

And of course, massage therapy can improve your overall quality of life. Those above are just five general, brief reasons to give the gift of massage. There are still tons of conditions and symptoms that massage therapy can benefit.

This year, shopping doesn’t have to be a struggle. Give relaxation this year. If you have any questions about massage therapy for a friend or family member, just give us a call! Happy Holidays!

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