Fives Reasons Massage is Great for Anxiety

massage for anxietyMassage is calming, relaxing and therapeutic. It can de-stress the mind and allow the body to function properly. Massage is a great cure for anxiety, it’s relaxing and soothing properties allow you to recalibrate. Whether you have just been feeling anxious lately, or suffer from general anxiety disorder, massage can get you back into gear and have you feeling great again. Check out these five reasons as to why massage is great for anxiety.

Better Sleep

Massage promotes better sleep. The soothing effects and properties of massage can lead to a more peaceful and calming night’s sleep. Getting increased and improved sleep is a direct way to battle anxiety, anxiety causes restlessness and there is no better way to fight it than getting soothing sleep.

Muscle Relaxation

Massage relaxes the muscles. Anxiety and depression tend to tighten up the muscles to the uneasiness and stress you experience with both of these mental disorders. Massage can tap into the physical framework of the body and release this tension by providing deep relaxation throughout the body.

Mind Relaxation

We know that massage relaxes the body, but the same goes for the mind. The technique and art of massage can calm the mind and promote blissful mental relaxation. The constant worries of your day can end if you choose to get a massage to fix your anxiety problem. To those with anxiety achieving mental relaxation may seem impossible, but after you try massage you will realize it is far from impossible.

Reduces Stress

Massage reduces stress. The key to reducing stress is to achieve both mental and physical relaxation. As state, massage calms and soothes the body both physically and mentally. So help yourself out and consider investing in massage therapy in order to end the stress anxiety gives you.

Balances Hormones

Research has been shown that suggests massage could indeed help balance neurotransmitters, which could lower the production of certain stress hormones. Scientists claim the way this works is that massage targets specific neurotransmitters and activates them. Once these neurotransmitters are activated, stress hormones become reduced. This is huge discovery for those experiencing anxiety-related issues.

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