Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

relaxed-guyThe benefits of massage therapy are aplenty, but the most notorious by far is stress relief. In this fast-paced, cruel world, the demand for stress relief is on par with Eurydice’s desire to escape the underworld (and probably to seek revenge on her husband). Although most of modern society can’t compare to the standards of Greek mythology, everyone has their problems. Whatever they may be, massage therapy helps to alleviate the associated stress that goes along with them, and in doing so helps to improve overall happiness and quality of life.

We know that stress is something inflicted upon the body and mind through the occurrences in everyday life; so, in that respect stress relief can be achieved in much the same way, except of course by creating good energy environments as opposed to destructive ones (unless the destruction is of bad vibes).

When receiving a massage, one expects a blissful sense of relaxation, and being relaxing in its very nature a massage never fails to provide just this, but the benefits of massage therapy go beyond the conscious level of awareness, hence why it is commonly said to heal not only the body and mind but also the spirit. Being an abstract entity, it is hard to provide evidence of this fact. What aren’t difficult to prove are the results. Stress has a very real, physical effect on the body most commonly portrayed through frequent illness from weakened immune systems, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and digestive problems. Through massage therapy, these problems magically disappear! Just kidding, massage therapists may be considered wizards in some sense of the word, but they’re no David Copperfield’s (because they’re the real deal). The point is, they absolutely can be, perhaps unbelievably, alleviated through something so seemingly orthodox: the practice of massage therapy.

The esophagus isn’t the only beneficiary of a massage; in massage therapy, no body part gets left behind! (including the brain and the less physical realms it encompasses). In the same way it’s hard to describe why hot cookies evoke emotional responses similar to those of consuming pure ecstasy, non-bodily benefits of massage therapy must be unconditionally valued. But, as long as we’re on the topic, a little reasoning is in order. Some of the many non-bodily benefits of massage therapy include decreased anxiety, increased self-esteem, and a generally more positive attitude… it’s like voluntary brainwashing, if thought of more literally, like a brain-bath in joy.

They beauty behind treating stress with massage therapy is that it can be likened to a perpetual cycle of stress relief. A physical wellbeing further encourages a mental one and vice versa, strengthening each individually and eliminating toxic energy while at the same time preventing it for life’s troubles to come.

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