Two Massage Techniques to Help Deal with Menopause Symptoms

Two Massage Techniques to Help Deal with Menopause Symptoms

Many women consider menopause a right of passage and a normal part of the aging process. For most women, menopause begins naturally between 47 and 55 years of age. For many women the symptoms of menopause can be debilitating. Massage therapy can be a great option to improve many of the symptoms associated with menopause without the side effects of pharmaceutical solutions. 

How does massage therapy help? Well, regular massage can release endorphins, help to alleviate headaches associated with menopausal hormonal fluctuations, reduce stress, and help to regulate the body’s fluid balance. There are two specific types of massage that can be extremely helpful in managing menopausal symptoms. 

It makes sense (and there is research to back this up) that the more stress in a woman’s life, the more severe her menopausal symptoms. Swedish massage is the perfect modality to help bring relaxation and stress relief to women suffering from menopause. Foot reflexology is another great choice as it can help to restore hormonal balance. Acupressure is another bonus alternative that can help restore the body’s balance. 

Talk to your massage therapist about the benefits of regular massage if you find yourself navigating the strange hormonal changes and symptoms that come with the journey of menopause. It really is an all-encompassing treatment option to help you reduce stress, balance hormones, and help correct fluid imbalance. These nurturing sessions can help make this natural part of aging a little easier to handle.

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