7 Reasons to Get Massage After Surgery

Massage therapy for rehabilitation after surgery has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Massage can foster healing within the body after it has experienced the trauma of surgery. It is known to bring back essential nutrients and blood to the areas operated on in surgery. Perhaps most importantly, receiving massage after surgery can decrease the buildup of scar tissue. These are just a few of the reasons why massage can be so integral to your body after going through surgical procedures. Check out this list of seven no-brainer reasons to get massage after surgery!

Massage Can Stop Swelling Before It Happens

After you receive surgery it is natural for swelling to occur in the affected area. Massage is an important friend to have on your side during this period of time. It can prevent the swelling from happening. The lymphatic drainage massage is especially effective, it can clear fluid which causes the swelling. Overall massage works to relax your muscles and increase circulation throughout your body, this alone can help ease and prevent swelling.

Improves Joint Movement and Flexibility

After surgery it is critical that natural movement is reinforced into the body parts affected by the surgical trauma. Massage is a great solution to help regain joint movement and flexibility within the body. Consider getting a massage when you need to re-establish your movement in certain body parts after surgery.

Reduces and Relieves Pain

In addition to stopping swelling in its tracks, massage is particularly good at relieving any type of pain the body may be experiencing after surgery. The amount massage reduces pain is already the number one reason why patients seek massage therapy, so this should be no different after surgery.

Massage Combats Stress and Anxiety

If you are in the post-op rehabilitation stage after surgery, stress and anxiety can be abundant. Between hoping you can heal quickly and wanting to get back to work because of all the assignments piling up, you can feel the pressure mounting. Luckily, massage is a great cure for stress and anxiety, so schedule a massage appointment today in order to get you feeling better.

Massage Prevents Scar Tissue Buildup

Nobody wants scar tissue to build up after having surgery. Plain and simple, it can downright be a nuisance. Massage ensures prevention against scar tissue buildup by increasing the amount of blood and nutrients to the affected areas. When proper blood circulation and essential nutrients are brought to this area it encourages soft tissue repair and discourages the build up of scar tissue.

Gives the Blood More Oxygen

Massage improves circulation and gives the blood more oxygen. When recovering from surgery it is beneficial to have healthy and improved circulation, this is very important to encourage fast healing. So get massage to accelerate your post-op healing process.

Bolster Your Immune System

Quite possibly the most important aspect of a speedy recover from surgery is having a healthy immune system. Massage has been shown to strengthen your immune system, by increasing oxygen supply to the organs.

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