Add Massage to Your Back-to-School List

sleepingIt’s that time of year again. Back-to-school season is right around the corner (for some of you, it may have already started). Similar to the holidays, back-to-school is one of the most selfless times of the year. We spend so much time and energy making sure our family has everything it needs to start the school year right.

If you’re a student yourself, back-to-school activities can include financial aid issues, tuition, text books, supplies, new software programs, etc. You’ll spend majority of your time preparing for another semester invested in your education.

It’s common that we get so carried away with all of the items on our back-to-school list that we forget to take care of ourselves during this period of high stress. You should consider adding massage therapy as one of your back-to-school activities to start the academic year off right.

Stress: It’s Everywhere

The way we deal with stress is a primary contributing factor for several diseases. Many stressors are things we can see, feel or perceive (like dealing with a Wal-Mart as you’re trying to finish your back-to-school shopping); but your body responds just as significantly to stressors of which you may not be aware. This can include vibrations, sounds, lights, colors, aromas, electrical and magnetic fields, and so on. Sometimes it might even be someone’s negative energy. Think of that irritated mother who waits behind you in line during back-to-school shopping. Even though you probably didn’t share any physical contact with her, her negative energy can affect your body.

The Benefits of Relaxation and Massage Therapy

Relaxation is more than just peace of mind. Relaxation decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body. Relaxation helps you:

  • Lowers your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce anger and frustration
  • Boosts your confidence to handle problems

How You Can Avoid Stress

You can reduce stress in your life many different ways. An easy start is to avoid the stressors you can identify. For example, maybe try to plan your back-to-schools activities earlier this year to beat the rush. This includes your back-to-school supplies, tuition, class schedule, and so on.

However, like I mentioned above, there are some stress factors you have little to no control over. So it’s important that you practice meditation, centering, and relaxation techniques. These don’t necessarily need to include massage therapy (although it does wonders for relaxation). You could practice yoga, plan a mini-vacation, go to the gym, or set aside time in the week to catch up on your reading; whatever helps keep your mind and body calm during the chaos of back-to-school.

If you feel like you might be stressed out more than usual during this hectic back-to-school season, contact me. I can provide you with more relaxation techniques that will help you remain calm and centered in between your massage or bodywork sessions.

photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

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