Did you know that massage can be used to treat depression?

depression-060214There’s nothing better than relaxing at the end of a stressful day. You can get in your comfy clothes and just unwind. A massage is a very useful tool to help relax your muscles and your mind. But┬ádid you know that massage can also be used to treat depression?

While medication may be used in the treatment of depression, the use of massage may be greatly beneficial as well. When a person experiences depression, their body tends to show it. The shoulders become slumped, the chin may tuck to the chest, and the abdomen muscles shorten. This posture is not very good for breathing as you can not inhale or exhale very deeply. This sort of structural collapse goes hand in hand with depression and can cause chronic pain.

Here’s where massage can really help. A massage targeting the areas of structural collapse such as the diaphragm and shoulders will release muscle tension and allow for proper erect structure. After the massage it should feel more comfortable to keep your shoulders back and your chest up. This will lead to more effective breathing, which will oxygenate your blood and increase your energy.

Massage can help with many different types of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs at the same time every year, often in the darker winter months.  This type of depression may be treated with medications and a kind of light therapy. Massage would beautifully supplement this treatment. Depression due to hormonal fluctuations after pregnancy can also be treated with massage. It will help the body naturally lower blood pressure and calm the emotions.

It is essential that if you or a loved one are feeling a sense of hopelessness, you should contact a mental health professional. If you have been diagnosed with depression and feel that massage could add to your treatment, please consider scheduling a massage to start experiencing the benefits.

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