Meditation and Massage are Better Than Regular Rest for Processing Emotions

mediation-061614A recent study found that meditation beats ordinary rest when it comes to dealing with difficult emotions and memories. Even better, the form of meditation that works best is one you can do while you are enjoying a soothing massage.

Researchers used MRI machines to scan the brain activity of experienced meditation practitioners during a variety of activities. Comparisons were made between regular rest and 2 forms of meditation. One was non-directed meditation where the mind was allowed to wander. The other was guided meditation where the practitioner exerts more control. 

Non-directed meditation was found to be the most effective at processing thoughts and feelings. Guided meditation was also a bit better than regular rest. The findings are important because they suggest that meditation can help people to reduce stress by learning to accept and resolve emotionally charged experiences.

These findings might come as a surprise to people who thought that all meditation was the same. Actually, there are a number of different approaches. While non-directed meditation encourages daydreaming, guided meditation is more typical of traditions like Buddhism where the practitioner directs their attention toward a specific object or toward observing their thoughts.

Each version has its advantages. It all depends on your preferences and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Non-directed meditation and massage are a great combination if you’re trying to sort out personal or professional dilemmas. Maybe you’re in a challenging relationship or trying to cope with pressure at work. Massage creates the perfect conditions for letting your mind wander because you’re not engaged in any specific task. You’ll feel more at ease while you reflect on your life and discover your true feelings.

Make a call today to book a massage session. It may be just what you need to find peace with yourself and with your past. Your mind and body will thank you.

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